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Financial and Treasury management made simple

FinlogiK works with companies in delivering timely, agile and cost-effective financial solutions that can considerably increase their productivity and profitability in a timely manner. Our commitment to successfully develop and to quickly implement the right business solutions by leveraging the entire firm's financial, accounting and technological resources has resulted in increased customer satisfaction. Our solutions are geared towards Corporations, Financial Services and Institutional Investors to help them make knowledgeable business decisions.

FinlogiK for Investors

FinlogiK for Investors is a comprehensive software suite of integrated solution modules developed for traders, fund managers, institutional investors and brokers. The system is designed to enhance the institution's operational efficiency, productivity and financial performance.
FinlogiK for Investors offers a full range of functionalities required to manage virtually all types of financial instruments such as fixed income, money market, equity, foreign exchange, fund units and interest rate derivatives.

By fully integrating front, middle and back office operations, FinlogiK for Investors vastly automates operating workflow to help portfolio managers and other investment experts.  FinlogiK will help them achieve the fast processing of trades, timely pricing and the evaluation of trades using advanced financial models, reliable management of market data, and effective management of market risk, interest rate risk and credit risk.

Financial experts can largely benefit from the functionality of FinlogiK for Investors.

  • Dynamically and rapidly follow the evolution of trades and investment portfolios from inception to termination/Maturity
  • Fully cover multi-currency and multi-asset trades including OTC and exchange traded derivatives
  • Ability to create structured financial products
  • Easily manage trades via customizable lists and reports
  • Ability to generate comprehensive transaction tickets that can be emailed to counterparties
  • Quickly search for transactions using the “Fast Search” tool
  • Easily consolidate and analyze market data
  • Easily create curves and volatility matrices
  • Effectively evaluate trades at any time by calculating market values and risk measures (Greeks, value 01, etc) using multiple valuation models, including the ability to support external pricing models
  • Ability to perform up-to-date market position analysis, profit and loss analysis and cash flow analysis
  • Easily import and export market data, curves, and transaction lists to Microsoft Excel® 
  • Ability to perform batch processing such as end of day processes and generate specific/exception reports
  • Quickly formulate and monitor investment strategies
  • Ability to monitor financial events such as confirmation, resets, option exercise settlements, rate resets, etc.


FinlogiK for Treasurers

Today's corporate treasuries face major interdependent business challenges. Confronted with growing international activities, increased market volatility, ongoing changes in financial reporting regulations and corporate governance policies, financial professionals need the appropriate tools. FinlogiK fulfills these requirements and provides a methodology that immediately improves efficiency in two key areas: cash forecasting and treasury reporting. It is these two processes, especially, that require automation and integration.
FinlogiK helps you move forward with a comprehensive treasury management system and away from spreadsheets.

FinlogiK for Treasurers offers:

  • Easy and rapid capturing and processing of debts, investments, foreign exchange, and interest rate derivative transactions
  • Reliable pricing and evaluation of assets and liabilities
  • One-step Mark to Market valuation
  • Risk and position management
  • Cash management and enterprise-wide cash flow forecasting
  • Adequate management of financial risks such as foreign exchange, commodity and interest rate (GAP) risks
  • Governance tools such as Dashboards and automated reporting